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ProsperEO™ Dry

Powerful Tool for Managing Health and Performance

ProsperEO™ Dry is an everyday natural feed additive to support a broad range of health challenges. It contains patented Microfused® oregano, thyme white and cinnamon essential oils and Actifibe® Prebiotic. For use in organic production.


  • Helps produce efficient growth through production 

  • Supports digestive health 

  • Prebiotics support immunity


  • Microfused® Essential Oils Technology 

  • Actifibe® Prebiotic Technology


For Swine: Mix at the following rate per ton of feed: Sows & Boars 0.25-2.0 lbs.; Nursery 0.5-4.0 lbs.; Growers & Finishers 0.25-2.0 lbs.

For Poultry: Mix at the following rates per ton of feed: Broilers 0.3-2.0 lbs.; Layers: 0.15-2.0 lbs.

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