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Ralco owners, the Knochenmus family

If we can do what is right for our customers, the business takes care of itself. We've always believed that. It's enabled us to build a culture of trust, both within our company and with our customers.

Our greatest mission is to steward our God-given gifts to ensure a safe and abundant global food supply. For us, that means perfecting technologies and providing natural products that allow farmers and ranchers to produce more with less.

We're proud of what our customers have been able to achieve. We look forward to continuing to grow with you to provide innovative solutions that drive nutrient conversion.

God Bless,

Brian & Mindy Knochenmus

Jon & Niter Knochenmus


Ralco has been helping producers naturally convert more nutrients to growth since 1971. We help plants and animals keep their energy focused on production versus fighting off challenges and waste. We accomplish this through patented natural approaches in essential oils, energy maximizing diets and microbial processes that enhance animal health, animal nutrition and crops.


Ralco’s humble beginnings started out of Bob Galbraith’s garage in Southwest Minnesota. Over 50 years later, Ralco’s products have expanded to over 40 countries worldwide to become a leading global provider of solutions that enable nutrient conversion.

While Ralco has grown in size over the years, our values and commitment to customers remains the same. With headquarters still located in Marshall, Minnesota, we stay close to the heartbeat of agriculture with small-town friendly service.


Today, Ralco remains a third-generation family company owned by the Knochenmus’, a family of deep faith and conviction who lead by example. These values reflect how Ralco does business and is why we do things a little different.


To steward our God-given gifts to enhance the vitality of plants and animals for a safe and abundant global food supply.


To be a people with unity in purpose that consumers and the industry trust and admire. A company that reinvests in the future and creates great opportunities for growth.

  • We serve others and help them succeed.

  • We treat others with dignity and respect.

  • We believe in hard work and commitment to family.

  • We do what is right.


Ralco’s team of experts oversee specialized research centers where products are developed and thoroughly tested to prove their safety and effectiveness.

Ralco Swine Grow/Finish Research Center
Ralco Ruminant Research Lab
Ralco Agronomy Research Center
Ralco Research Lab
Ralco Swine Nursery Research Center
Jon Knochenmus Center for Innovation

To validate performance in a wide range of conditions, Ralco has conducted university studies and commercial trials around the world on millions of animals and hundreds of thousands of acres. These trials not only confirm our internal research but ensures consistent performance.

Colorado State University logo
North Dakota State University logo
Kansas State University logo
University of Minnesota logo
University of Wisconsin logo
Southwest Minnesota State University logo
USDA logo
University of Nebraska-Lincoln logo
Purdue University logo
New Mexico State University logo
University of Passo Fundo logo
South Dakota State University logo
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Our Commitment
Our Promise
Our People

Ralco understands that product accuracy and consistency are essential to improving nutrient conversion. This is why we invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and certification programs to promise quality and safety of our products to our customers.

Certification Program logos

We believe that the future of agriculture is found in technology and the leaders that will perfect it. This is why Ralco partners with state, regional and national organizations to invest in agriculture programs that encourage students to pursue careers in agriculture.

President Emeritus Jon Knochenmus speaking at the Ag Bowl FFA Scholarship invitational, presented by Ralco, at Southwest Minn
green box

"It's bright young students like yourselves that will lead the next generation of agriculture. Feeding the world comes down to investing in all of you."

President Emeritus Jon Knochenmus speaking at the Ag Bowl FFA Scholarship invitational, presented by Ralco, at Southwest Minnesota State University


Nutrient conversion is a different way of thinking and requires investments in people, research and processes. That’s why Ralco has built a large and diverse staff of advanced degree scientists with disciplines in nutrition, veterinary science, chemical engineering, agronomy and microbiology.

Ralco Ruminant Technical team
Ralco Technology Development team
Ralco Swine Technical team
Ralco Poultry Technical team

Ralco’s patented approaches come to life through products specially formulated to meet the needs of the agriculture industry.

Animal Nutrition

Animal Health

Soil & Plant Health

Show Animals

Our History

Ralco’s founder, Bob Galbraith, always said, “People don’t buy from companies, people buy from people.” Each generation of family leadership has built on this belief and sought like-minded people to introduce new and innovative solutions that focus on the success of customers.

photo of Ralco's first delivery truck


Bob Galbraith starts Ralco on April 21, 1971.

Ralco was founded on a product called Suppli- Mix that releases more energy from feed cattle consume. This product has been refined as patented Microbial Catalyst® technology which unlocks enzymes to drive nutrient conversion in a wide range of microbial environments. 

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