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New Tools to Support Animal Health 

As the threat of antibiotic resistance grows, and the pressure to reduce and regulate antibiotics increases, it is as important as ever to equip yourself with new tools to improve animal health.


Ralco’s SpeciFix™products utilize our patented approaches and essential oils to ensure animals keep energy focused on production versus fighting off challenges. We have been supporting swine producers for over 50 years, finding better ways to use natural approaches to maximize production.

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For over two decades, Ralco has dedicated the technology and research needed to improve swine producers’ tools. Ralco has evaluated over 400 essential oils and plant extracts to identify their unique NEXUS properties. This in-depth understanding of essential oil properties, and the synergy when combined with NEXUS, is what makes Ralco's SpeciFix products more effective at supporting animal health during times of challenge. 



Most essential oils are inconsistent in their ability to make cell contact due to their difficulty in dispersing evenly in a liquid environment like the gut. Ralco’s patented Microfusion® process transforms essential oils into microscopic droplets with 20 times greater surface area, leading to superior impact and more consistent performance against challenges

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Competitor Oil: Larger oil droplets in competitive oil products coalesce and become unstable 

Microfused Essential Oils:  

20 times greater surface area; 100 drops per 1 drop of competitor oil products for greater contact

Competitor oil droplets are significantly larger than the microbe. These large droplets have surface tension which limits contact. 

Microfused Essential Oils are microscopic droplets which significantly reduce surface tension, allowing the essential oils to make and maintain contact. 

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