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The 2013 PEDv outbreak in the U.S. brought to light feed as a potential source of virus transmission. Biosecurity programs have improved in the industry over the last seven years but there are still gaps.

Rethink your biosecurity program. Feed it.




Dual Defender is a natural feed supplement that can support your biosecurity program. 

Independent research has shown that Dual Defender reduced the impact of viruses such as PRRS, PEDv and other viruses of economic importance in the feed.

Ralco Dual Defender natural feed supplement 40lb bag

Can support your 
biosecurity program

Supports feed integrity and freshness

Supports improved immune system efficiency

Dual Defender contains patent-pending synergistic combination of natural components that are safe to use and easy to handle. Simply add to your existing feed.
Dual Defender feed contains  Microfused® Oregano Essential Oil, Actifibe® Prebiotic and NEXUS™ Formulation
Microfused® Oregano Essential Oil
Actifibe® Prebiotic
NEXUS Formulation
Grown Pig


Research conducted at Pipestone Applied Research showed that during times of challenge Dual Defender helped:

  • Reduce the impact of viruses such as PRRS, PEDv and other viruses of economic importance

  • Reduce morbidity and mortality

  • Support growth performance

Dee SA, Niederwerder MC, Edler R, et al. An evaluation of additives for mitigating the risk of virus-contaminated feed using an ice-block challenge model. Transboundary and Emerging Diseases. 2020;00:1–13.


Contact us today to learn more about taking a different approach to biosecurity. Our team of veterinary and Ph.D. swine nutritionists are ready to help you start closing the gaps today!

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Ralco Dual Defender supports your biosecurity program.
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