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Ralco Launches Flourish™ in Canada

Ralco announced today that it has launched a new essential oil product called Flourish™ for poultry and livestock in Canada. Flourish is an everyday natural water additive that helps maintain health and overcome stress related to heat stress, poor appetite, and disease challenges. This latest product is an extension of Ralco’s growing line of essential oil products serving poultry and livestock producers in 40 countries worldwide.

The use of essential oils have rapidly expanded in recent years as producers look for alternative solutions to antibiotic growth promoters. Twenty years ago, Ralco pioneered the mainstream use of phytonutrients, including essential oils and prebiotics, for livestock and poultry producers to better maintain animal health with natural solutions.

“Ralco’s focus on essential oil research over the last two decades allows Flourish to be a cost-effective solution with greater efficacy and consistency,” said Richard Lamb, Senior Technology Director at Ralco. According to Lamb, “Standard essential oils can be somewhat unstable in a liquid environment like the gut, but through the use of our patented Microfused® process we are able to create a highly stable product that makes consistent contact with pathogens.”

Multiple research studies prove that phytonutrients are an effective method for improving gut health, nutrient absorption and immune function in livestock and poultry to better manage disease challenges and improve performance and profits for producers.

Flourish is available to purchase through Robinson Bioproducts Inc. in Canada.

Ralco is a third-generation family-owned multinational company with distribution in more than 40 countries. Ralco is a leading global provider of natural solutions to maximize nutrient conversion in both plants and animals. Learn more and contact us at


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