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Rumatec® Feedlot

Where Science and Service Meet

Rumatec® Feedlot supplements use patented Ralco technologies and are fortified with proper levels and sources of vitamins and minerals, ensuring optimum gain and protection against metabolic disorders all while lowering treatment costs for your feedlot.

Our team of experts are here to assit you with every aspect of your cattle feeding program. From nutritional and management guidance to financial projections, we can help ease the workload and provide valuable support. 


  • Helps maintain consistent intake during times of stress and ration adaptations 

  • Provides needed macro minerals and vital nutrients to balance various ingredient and feeding scenarios

  • Supplies needed trace minerals and vitamins for optimum gain

  • Keeps cattle naturally healthy and efficient with patented Ralco technology


  • Microfused® Essential Oil Technology

  • Microbial Catalyst® Technology



Both medicated and non-medication options available

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