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From crops to animals, we’ve got you covered with OMRI Listed® solutions. Register for a chance to win a customized product sample pack and experience yourself how our products make a difference.  

Ralco Organic products
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Customers using Ralco OMRI Listed products experience:

Livestock & Poultry:

  • Less mortality

  • More uniformity

  • Improved gain and feed conversion

  • Enhanced immunity and less disease

  • Improved health and performance

  • Better feed intake, even during stress events

Crops & Forage:

  • Improved emergence

  • Greater root mass

  • Improved plant health during times of stress

  • Increased yield

  • Reduced heating and spoilage in hay

  • Improved RFV and hay quality over time

Regano® was the first widely used essential oil product in the livestock industry.

Ralco Regano 500 OMRI 9051-25

Stand Strong™ is research-proven to help with heat stress and feed intake. 

Ralco Stand Strong for Ruminants OMRI 2713-35

“It was clear that the roots on the Generate® acres were thicker. We also saw a yield boost at harvest.”
Keith // Austin, MN

Agnition Generate 49002-2.5G

“I can’t believe how great our silage looks this year. It’s perfect all the way up to the top of the tarp!”
Mark // Clearwater, MN

Agnition Anchor Silage OMRI 49240-1



Maximize performance and growth of plants and animals while avoiding costs related to health challenges and waste with three patented technologies. 

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  • Microfused® Essential Oils Technology
    Microfused Essential Oil technology transforms essential oils and plant extracts into solutions that naturally improve the health and immunity of animals. This essential oil technology helps serve as a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters, giving producers more tools to fight disease challenges.
  • Actifibe® Prebiotic
    Actifibe Prebiotic preferentially feeds beneficial bacteria throughout the entire gut and enhances the immune system of animals. This results in animals with greater gut health, improved feed efficiency and weight gain, strenghtened immunity and less health challenges.
  • Microbial Catalyst® Technology
    In ruminants, Microbial Catalyst helps improve nutrient conversion by increasing fiber digestibility to provide more energy for production and growth. In the soil, Microbial Catalyst helps make nutrients in the soil and fertilizer more available to the plant. This results in healthier crops that use less inputs.


Vital nutrients are often lost and underutilized silently eroding the health and performance of your plants and animals. For more than 50 years Ralco has been helping producers convert more of those vital nutrients to growth instead of waste using essential oils and microbial processes. Our organic product line works with your operation to keep your nutrients focused on production and your bottom line.

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Ralco Stand Strong for Ruminants OMRI 2713-35


Ready to learn more about how Ralco's line of organic products can keep your plants and animals healthy? 

Complete the form to talk with a crop or animal health specialist or enter for a chance to win a custom product sample pack.

Agnition Anchor Silage OMRI 49240-1


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