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Help Sows After Farrowing


Is farrowing stressing out your sows? Finally, there’s a tool to help! SOS™ is a natural oral drench that gets sows back on feed fast and supports her immunity and health during times of farrowing stress.


Add SOS to your sow care kit and see the difference yourself. 

Help Sows Bounce Back from Farrowing

“If you'd asked, I'd have said our sows are never off of feed. But boy, was I wrong. 

By day 3, we were often treating them for low milk because we thought either something was wrong with the sow or the litter was railing out. So we were focused on getting her to produce milk when actually she was off of feed, and we weren’t catching it in time. And it was quite a few of them.


With SOS, I had the opportunity to watch and see what was really happening. And, I got to see what the response was to the drench. It’s an easy process. I drench everybody now.” 

-Pennsylvania Swine Producer


SOS for Stressed-Out Sows

Product #2772-300
300 ml Bottle with Doser

Dose sows 10 ml (2 pumps)

We ask a lot of our sows. They are bred for performance and to deliver the maximum number of piglets. Farrowing presents even greater challenges. Extreme fatigue, inflammation, strained muscles, soreness, infection, potential diseases and more. SOS was specially designed to help sows overcome farrowing stresses.


How Do We Helps Sows Bounce Back?

SOS is a natural oral drench containing bioactives and essential oils that gets sows back on feed fast and converting more nutrients to milk for her litter. SOS also helps support immunity and health of the sow during times of stress. The result? Healthier sows and healthier piglets.


SOS Helps Overcome:

  • Stresses from farrowing

  • Poor appetite 

  • Low energy status

  • Suppressed immune system

  • Mortality

  • Oxidative stress

  • Challenges associated with inflammation and fever


Microfused® Essential Oils

promotes a balanced gut microflora, stimulates appetite and supports immune function.

Actifibe® Prebiotic feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut to support competitive exclusion and immune function.

Bioactives Supports Immunity & Appetite

Bioactive extracts from colostrum support appropriate immune response to minimize inflammation and fever also stimulates appetite.

Try SOS on Your Sows & See the Difference


Sows typically do not eat 12-24 hours after farrowing. If a sow remains off-feed for longer it can impact reproduction timing of her next litter. Research shows that the more a sow consumes the first 7 days after farrowing, the more quickly she will return to estrus after weaning and the larger her next litter will be. ​​

SOS was designed with an easy-to-use pump applicator and 30 doses per bottle to get sows quickly back on feed. You can choose to either:

Dose every sow

  • Chose part of your farrowing room and dose every sow after farrowing

  • Note the level or challenges in the sow groups and compare performance between sows that were and were not drenched

Dose challenged sows

  • Monitor sows post-farrowing and dose if experiencing these challenges:

    • Off feed​

    • Stressful delivery

    • Farrowing interventions needed

  • After sows are dosed, compare their performance to similarly challenged sows that were not drenched​

Get Sows Eating Fast

Research: University of Illinois


With less tools to treat sows, farrowing stress and infection can lead to morality. In the United States, the average sow mortality is 14.86%. So, what’s the cost of a lost sow? About $1,500. 

On a 2,500-sow unit, just a 1% change in mortality is $37,500. A 5% change in mortality is $187,500. Dead sows are real money.

chart showing cost of lost sow

Source: SMS, A MetaFarms Company


“Since we started using SOS drench, the biggest thing I’m noticing is that the sows can keep their litters together at a higher frequency. I didn't have to mess any litters up doing bumps and pulling fall behinds. It takes a lot of labor to treat those fall behinds, so that’s a plus of the SOS product as well. Healthier sows mean less labor to take care of sows that aren’t performing.” 

Operations Manager // 3,600-Sow Farm 

Try SOS on Your Sows & See the Difference


For more than 50 years Ralco has been helping livestock producers convert their nutrients into growth and reduce waste. Vital nutrients are often lost and underutilized silently eroding the health and performance of your sows and operation. We work with you to keep your nutrients focused on production and your bottom line for healthier sows, healthier litters and higher profits.

Help Stressed Farrowing Sows


Ready to try SOS and see the results for yourself? We want you to experience the benefits of healthier sows with proper nutrient conversion after birth. Get a full-size bottle of SOS for FREE today!

Try SOS on Your Sows & See the Difference

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