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Swine Cost of Loss Calculator

We know high mortality rates, poor feed efficiency and health challenges can eat away at profits. But what does it cost at today’s high price of feed? Use the calculator below to see how small improvements in your finisher can have a major impact on your bottom line.

What's the cost of losing a pig at 200 lbs.?

Pig Cost

Feed cost


Total Loss Per Pig

What's the cost of 1% mortality? 

Mortality %

Mortality Cost per pig

Operational  Variables

Starting pig cost

Vet / Med / Management 

Starting weight lbs.


Turns per year

Feed cost $ per ton

Death weight

Est. Feed / Gain (calculated)

What's the value of 0.10 improvement of feed to gain?

Feed/gain Improvement

Finishing weight

Value of Efficiency

Improvement Per Pig

Mortality Cost per pig

Value of efficiency

Total Improvement 

Prosper Cost*

Prosper ROI based on cost

*Prosper cost in field Trial (finishing only)

Standard feed/gain

Maximize Summer Profits 

Equip your pigs with the extra edge they need to stay healthy this summer. 

ProsperEO™ feed additive is proven to support your pigs’ immunity and feed efficiency to maximize profits.

Improve feed efficiency & gain

Support gut health & immunity

Reduce mortality

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