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Avi-Lyte™ by Ralco Now Approved for Organic Production

Avi-Lyte™ by Ralco Now Approved for Organic Production

Ralco is pleased to announce the launch of OMRI Listed® Avi-Lyte™, a natural stress pack to hydrate and restore vital nutrients for poultry during times of stress with transition, placement and heat stress. This is the latest product in Ralco’s growing organic line which now includes animal health and nutrition, crop enhancement, hay and silage preservative products.

Avi-Lyte is more than just a hydration pack, it’s specially formulated with the exact vitamins birds require to combat oxidative stress and citric acid to reduce pathogen load,” said Dr. Tim Broderick, Poultry Research & Development Manager for Ralco. “Avi-Lyte will help give organic producers a critical natural tool to better maintain flock health.”

By utilizing natural components, Avi-Lyte is research proven to reduce death loss in times of stress. A field trial with an egg integrator showed improved livability when Avi-Lyte was given at placement over a custom vitamin mix. The mortality rate for the flock using the custom vitamin mix was 4.6%. Mortality rate for chicks on Avi-Lyte was significantly lower at 1.9%. Meaning, death loss was reduced by over 50% with the use of Avi-Lyte.

“We recommend Avi-Lyte as part of an organic producer’s health management plan specifically 24 hours before and after transition, at placement and during heat stress,” said Broderick. “Current poultry producers report the greatest success using Avi-Lyte to combat heat stress.”

Heat stress and the factors associated with it cost the United States poultry industry an estimated $128-$165 million annually.

“Unfortunately, a bird’s gut is very susceptible to stressors including heat stress. Heat stress can ultimately damage the delicate gut microbiota and intestinal mucosa responsible for feed conversion and immunity, resulting in poor performance and high costs to the producer,” said Broderick.

“Our heat stress recommendation is to use Avi-Lyte to rapidly rehydrate and ProsperEO™ Liquid OMRI in the water for 3-5 days after for recovery. The essential oils and prebiotics in ProsperEO will focus on restoring the birds’ gut microbiota for improved performance and immune function,” concluded Broderick.

To learn more about Avi-Lyte and ProsperEO call 1-800-533-5306 or contact your local Ralco representative.

About Ralco

Ralco is a third-generation, family-owned multinational company with distribution in more than 40 countries. Ralco is a leading global provider of natural solutions to maximize nutrient conversion in both plants and animals. Learn more at


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