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Building a Nutrition Plan for Your Hog Genetics

Dr. Jim Hedges, Senior Technical Advisor

Understanding your hog genetics can play a key role in creating a nutrition plan that maximizes the potential of your operation. Each genetic line sold today has different nutritional and feed intake needs that impact the herd’s opportunity for lean gain.

A One-Size-Fits-All Program is Only Feeding One Part of Your Herd

If you're spending money on good genetics, you need to pay the same level of attention to the animal's nutrition. In today’s market, margins can be slim, and animal needs are specific, so it’s important to know what your pigs exactly need.

Building a Nutrition Plan for Your Hog Genetics

For example, if you're feeding a hog with moderate lean gain a diet meant for a high lean gain hog, you’re overspending for a higher density diet than needed for that animal. And in this case, the higher amino acid density of a high lean gain animal can be detrimental to a moderate lean gain animal. These hogs must excrete the excess amino acids, and you’ll give up gain and increase feed cost per hog.

And it also works in reverse. The diet of a moderate lean gain hog will cause lost profitability when fed to a high lean gain hog. High-quality genetic lines are bred for better performance and carcass value—but it only happens if you’re feeding those genetics properly. If you want to change the body composition of that animal, you’ll need to change the diet as well.

A Swine Diet Built to Perform

If you want a hog to grow, you need to feed it. Simple right? The faster you want them to grow, the higher the feed density needs to be to meet those goals. That density needs to match the animal's needs. AND, you’ve got to continually monitor their performance to see if any additional changes need to be made to keep performing at a high level. A lack of feed efficiency means wasted nutrients and wasted money.

Don’t Cap Your Herd’s Potential

Allow your genetics to show just how good they are. Let a qualified swine nutrition expert, like the team at Ralco, help you develop the right nutrition plan for your herd. Don’t leave any potential on the table.

Ralco understands that every operation has its own unique opportunities and challenges. Let us show you the Ralco difference. Contact us to get started today!


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