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Dr. Bob Stock Joins Ralco Poultry Team

Dr. Bob Stock Joins Ralco Poultry Team

Ralco is pleased to announce and welcome Dr. Bob Stock as Director of Research and Development – Poultry Science. Dr. Stock is responsible for the further development of new and existing technologies for the poultry industry.

“My position entails all research, development and technical support. We will define what the customer’s current needs are in the industry, so we can provide the best solutions. We are also going to continue taking current products to the customer and be on the lookout for new products that would fit nicely with our portfolio and expand our toolbox,” Dr. Stock said.

Dr. Stock has more than 30 years of experience working in the poultry and livestock industries. His strong focus on customer needs will complement and enhance Ralco’s ability to meet customer demands with natural technologies that improve the health and vitality of poultry.

“The experience of working in the boundary area between health and nutrition has put Ralco in a good position to move forward,” Dr. Stock said. “Within the last couple of years, the role of gut health in animal health and nutrition has become more important to poultry nutritionists and the poultry industry.”

Throughout his career Dr. Stock has taken on multiple roles including formulation, research and development, product development, account management and product management. Diane Wagner, Vice President of Corporate Technology said Dr. Stock’s experience and knowledge will help propel Ralco forward in the poultry industry.

“Dr. Stock brings experience and relationships that he has built within the poultry industry,” Wagner said. “We can leverage his ability to understand what the customer needs are and bring that to bear in research and product development. We have great opportunities in poultry and Dr. Stock brings focus to our effort.”

About Ralco

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