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Dr. Lee Opdahl Joins Ralco Agronomy Team

Dr. Lee Opdahl Joins Ralco Agronomy Team

Ralco announced today that Dr. Lee Opdahl has joined the company as Research and Development Manager for their agronomy brand, Agnition. Dr. Opdahl brings with him a wide breadth of knowledge in soil science, soil microbiology, animal science and soil chemistry from his degrees earned at South Dakota State University and Washington State University.

In his new role, Dr. Opdahl will oversee field and greenhouse research, identify third party and university research opportunities, and assist with current product optimization and new product development.

Dr. Opdahl has come full circle in his career, returning to Ralco after working at their Liquid Products Plant. With a background rooted in farming and a passion for science, the company was a natural fit. “Coming back to Ralco was easy,” remarked Dr. Opdahl when asked about his decision to take on his new role. “Growing up in this area, along with my sincere interest in science and agriculture, made Ralco an easy yes for me.”

Dr. Opdahl’s doctorate research focused on utilizing Ralco’s patented Microbial Catalyst® in soil and soilless systems to further understand how beneficial microbes can benefit soil health and crop production. Microbial Catalyst works by stimulating native microbes and enzymes in the soil to release tied-up nutrients to plants. This approach can help crop producers reduce fertilizer rates by up to 45 lbs. per acre as nutrients in the soil become more plant available.

“Being a part of Ralco’s focus on harnessing microbial activity to make crop production more efficient for farmers is exciting. I think this cutting-edge work will contribute towards the sustainability of soils across the globe which is vital in securing a viable food supply for the future,” said Dr. Opdahl.

Rachel Raths, Microbiologist for Ralco, expressed her enthusiasm about Dr. Opdahl’s addition to the team, “Dr. Opdahl brings a level of expertise that we’ve been looking for. Now we can develop new ways of utilizing microbial environments to help crop producers minimize inputs and maximize production.”

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