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New Research Confirms ProsperEO™ Improves Gain & Efficiency in Turkeys When Added to the Water

A recent research study determined that implementing ProsperEO™ Liquid in the water of turkeys starting at nine weeks of age increased pounds at the plant, improved feed conversion and reduced mortality. ProsperEO is Ralco’s everyday antibiotic-free water additive containing patented essential oils and prebiotics.

“A key factor in developing ProsperEO was confirming its compatibility with chlorine dioxide (ClO2) sanitation programs in poultry barns,” said Dr. Tim Broderick, Poultry Research & Development Manager for Ralco. “ProsperEO had to remain efficacious in that type of setting so poultry producers weren’t paying for a gut health solution that was deactivated in the waterline.”

ClO2 is a waterline sanitizer used to reduce harmful pathogens and prevent biofilms in poultry water systems. While ClO2 is a powerful sanitation tool, its potency can also reduce the effectiveness of products being run through the lines.

Research conducted at Southwest Minnesota State University biology lab proved that ProsperEO remained stable and effective against a strain of E.coli and Salmonella enteritidis when run in conjunction with ClO2. Even as ClO2 was increased to 300 PPM, ProsperEO remained highly effective.

“Our focus during this next commercial study was to evaluate ProsperEO as a cost-effective natural way for producers to enhance growth rates of turkeys and reduce mortality without disrupting their sanitation programs in a barn setting,” said Dr. Broderick. “This study was the perfect opportunity to validate our research and ended with some incredible results.”

Research Results The study was conducted in a split brooder barn on a commercial turkey farm. 13,000 hybrid turkeys were split into two groups of 6,500 poults that were placed on each side of the brooder barn. Both sides of the house were on the same feed program and the same water source treated with chlorine dioxide.

At 9 weeks of age, both sides of the brooder barn were moved to identical grow out houses. Both houses were given the same blended feed program. One house served as the control house and the other house was administered ProsperEO. The product was added to the water at the rate of 3 oz. per gallon of stock solution which was then metered into the water at a rate of 1:128 from housing until the turkeys went to market.

The results of the study showed that turkeys fed ProsperEO starting at nine weeks of age had improved growth rate, feed efficiency and reduced mortality. Turkeys fed ProsperEO were 1.01 pounds heavier with a 9-point feed conversion advantage.

Turkeys fed ProsperEO overall had 2.14% lower mortality rates and significantly greater weight gain, resulting in an additional 12,477 pounds at the plant compared to non-supplemented birds.

“The patented essential oil blend in this product, paired with its unique prebiotic, gives us a one-two punch advantage over other water-based additives that just use probiotics,” concluded Dr. Broderick. “This unique formulation approach enhances the immunity and gut health of birds, which is why we see improved livability, gain and efficiency.”

Product Information

ProsperEO is NEXUS™ formulated with a patent-pending combination of phytonutrients including essential oils and prebiotics that are specifically chosen for their antimicrobial, nutrient conversion, antioxidant, immune regulation, and competitive exclusion properties to help strengthen the gut wall, improve immune system efficiency, and reduce stress so birds are better able to overcome challenges and maintain everyday health.

Over 20 years ago, Ralco pioneered the mainstream use of phytonutrients for animal health and nutrition. “With expertise in phytonutrients and the NEXUS formulation approach, we were able to match the precise properties needed to support the immune system, alter microbial populations, and improve gut health,” said Dr. Broderick. “This results in healthier, more efficient birds that are better able to manage challenges, culminating in more total pounds at the plant.”

“Ultimately, ProsperEO gives poultry producers a natural tool to maintain flock health that maintains potency in the waterlines,” said Dr. Broderick. “Additionally, ProsperEO gives producers the flexibility and control to maximize performance through the water. Producers can alter ProsperEO dosages and duration as disease pressure, production challenges and environmental stress arise to get birds safely through challenges.”

ProsperEO is also available for organic poultry production as an extension to Ralco’s growing line of OMRI Listed® products.

About Ralco Ralco is a third-generation family-owned multinational company with distribution in more than 40 countries. Ralco is a leading global provider of natural solutions to maximize nutrient conversion in plants and animals. Learn more at


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