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New Research Reveals ProsperEO™ Improves Gain & Efficiency in Turkeys in Place of a Coccidiostat

A recent research study determined that feeding ProsperEO™ starting at three weeks of age to turkeys and replacing the coccidiostat improved both rate of growth and feed efficiency. ProsperEO is Ralco’s everyday antibiotic-free feed additive containing patented essential oils and prebiotics.

“As antibiotics and coccidiostats are reduced in poultry production to preserve their effects in human health, producers continue to experience higher mortality rates and performance losses,” said Dr. Tim Broderick, Poultry Research & Development Manager for Ralco. “Devastating enteric diseases like coccidiosis and necrotic enteritis are the two biggest culprits.”

Coccidiosis is caused by a protozoan parasite called coccidia. As parasitic replication occurs, coccidia actively infiltrate and invade cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the host. The resulting damage leaves birds with a weakened immune system, poor nutrient absorption, reduced performance or even death. Birds that survive underperform and are more susceptible to necrotic enteritis.

Coccidiosis is estimated to cost the global poultry industry over $3 billion a year while necrotic enteritis doubles that at over $6 billion.

“Our goal with this study was to formulate a product that would give poultry producers a natural tool to control coccidia that is antibiotic-free and effective,” said Dr. Broderick. “This research study was the perfect opportunity to validate our product against a traditional coccidiostat program in a commercial setting.”

Research Details The study was conducted at a commercial research facility with two identical brooder barns and two identical finisher barns. A traditional coccidiostat program was fed to both groups for the first feeding period. For the second to third period the control group was fed a traditional coccidiostat program. The test group then received ProsperEO. Each group consisted of 10,600 Hybrid Converter Toms.

The results of the study showed that turkeys fed ProsperEO starting at three weeks of age in place of the coccidiostat had improved growth rate and feed efficiency. Turkeys fed ProsperEO were 1.22 pounds heavier with a 19-point feed conversion advantage.

Turkeys fed ProsperEO overall had 4% lower mortality rates and significantly greater weight gain, resulting in an additional 27,160 pounds at the plant compared to non-supplemented birds.

“Turkeys fed ProsperEO had improved performance and reduced mortality compared to the coccidiostat program. The unique essential oil blend in this product, paired with Ralco technologies, allows us to successfully target enteric challenges,” concluded Dr. Broderick.

Product Details

ProsperEO is NEXUS™ formulated with a patent-pending combination of phytonutrients including essential oils and prebiotics that are specifically chosen for their antimicrobial properties, immune regulation support, and competitive exclusion properties to help strengthen the gut wall and improve immune system efficiency so birds are better able to manage coccidia.

Over 20 years ago, Ralco pioneered the mainstream use of phytonutrients for animal health and nutrition. “With expertise in phytonutrients and the NEXUS formulation approach, we were able to match up the precise properties needed to support the immune system, alter microbial populations, and improve gut health,” said Dr. Broderick. “This results in healthier birds that are better able to manage gastrointestinal challenges and efficiently convert nutrients into meaningful weight gain.”

“Ultimately, ProsperEO gives poultry producers a new tool to naturally maintain flock health,” said Dr. Broderick. “As antibiotic-free production continues to become more prevalent, producers must think outside the box to successfully combat the challenges of modern production.”

ProsperEO is also available for organic poultry production as an extension to Ralco’s growing line of OMRI® Listed products.

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