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Ralco Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Ralco announced today it is proudly celebrating its 50th anniversary. Ralco has been providing the agricultural community with natural solutions since 1971. The anniversary is a milestone that measures Ralco’s past and celebrates its future dedicated to using approaches to maximize nutrient conversion and reduce nutrient waste in both plants and animals naturally.

“In so many ways we are just getting started,” said Jon Knochenmus, Ralco President Emeritus. “We introduced natural products to the agriculture industry when people were skeptical and didn’t understand, but they know now that we were ahead of the curve.”

Ralco was founded by Bob Galbraith, an audacious entrepreneur who mortgaged everything he owned to start the company out of this garage and delivered product with a pickup and gooseneck trailer. Many times, his family, including his children, made delivery trips with him. Bob led the company for 19 years and lived to see Ralco become a multinational. The company passed to his son, Randy Galbraith, then to his son-in-law Jon Knochenmus. Currently Jon’s son Brian Knochenmus serves as president of Ralco.

“Fifty years is a significant milestone in our company’s history. It’s a test of time. We have survived drastic changes in the markets as well as transitions through three generations. We have also survived explosive growth. The lessons of the past have prepared us for the future. We are focused on food production and helping consumers understand the care and thoughtfulness that goes into the food they eat,” said Ralco President Brian Knochenmus.

While a 50th anniversary recognizes the past, Ralco is focused on the future. Ralco works in three distinct areas to naturally convert more energy out of nutritional inputs and reduce nutrient waste. Each area drives nutrient conversion for strong immunity and superior performance of plants and animals. Essential oils and plant extracts, energy maximizing diets and microbial processes are natural approaches that ensure inputs are maximized for greater immunity, gain and profit.

“Perfecting natural approaches is an extension of our mission and a journey that will never end. My grandpa said he eliminated the word can’t from his vocabulary and we continue that tradition. My grandpa also knew that the success of our company depended on our people. We’ve continued a people-first culture for 50 years and I firmly believe that’s how we were able to achieve this milestone today.” Brian said.

Ralco is a third-generation family-owned multinational company with distribution in more than 40 countries. Ralco is a leading global provider of natural solutions that maximize nutrient conversion in both plants and animals. Learn more at


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