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Ralco Names Kevin Strecker National Swine Accounts Manager

Ralco announced today that Kevin Strecker has been named National Swine Accounts Manager. Strecker’s key responsibility is to introduce the top 25 U.S. swine producers to Ralco and its products.

Strecker has lived in Guymon, Oklahoma for the last 35 years. He will continue to be based in Guymon where he lives with his wife, Carolyn, and their son, Dawson,12.

Ralco has long been known as the pioneer in promoting natural alternatives and has invested significantly into perfecting their natural technologies for the agriculture industry.

“The swine industry is evolving constantly,” said Strecker, who started at Ralco in March. “It’s going to be more critical on the use of pharmaceuticals, how the animals are fed and how the animals are raised. Everything that Ralco has done for the last 45 years is based off perfecting natural solutions. The technology that Ralco has, a lot of other companies are just now starting to get on the bandwagon. That in my mind is where the industry is going within the next five to 10 years. Because of Ralco’s vision, we’ve already been doing that for 45 years. We’re so much further ahead as a company which will support us as key leaders in the industry moving forward.”

Tony Goebel, National Sales Manager, said Strecker calls on the top swine producers in the United States and Canada as National Swine Accounts Manager.

Strecker has worked in the swine industry for 25 years. “He brings years of industry experience from managing swine barns to managing Midwest operations for Texas Farms. He is an essential member of our team and will help take Ralco’s superior swine technologies to the next level.” Goebel said.

“I’m excited about the opportunities that are upcoming and how Ralco technologies will meet those challenges,” Strecker said.

About Ralco

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