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Ralco Welcomes Two New Poultry Product Specialists

Ralco is excited to announce the hiring of two new poultry product specialists, Alea Belflowers and Micah Osburn. With extensive expertise and experience, Belflowers and Osburn are equipped to empower Ralco’s poultry producers for long-term success.

Belflowers joins Ralco with a bachelor’s in animal science and a master’s in poultry science from North Carolina State University. “I’m thrilled to be part of a company that’s so committed to not only providing the best possible products but also ensuring that our customers have all the support they need,” Belflowers said. “My top priority is to be there for our customers – no matter how big or small – to answer any questions they have and help them get the most out of our products.”

Osburn received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in poultry science from Texas A&M University. “As the industry continues to transition away from antibiotics, it’s more important than ever to have scientifically proven natural alternatives that work,” Micah said. “Ralco is at the forefront of developing and implementing these alternatives, and I’m excited to be part of a team that’s helping shape the future of agriculture.”

In their new positions, Belflowers and Osburn will assist poultry distributors, integrators and other producers by addressing any inquiries about Ralco products. Their main objective is to provide personalized assistance to customers and stay updated on industry trends, enabling Ralco customers to stay at the forefront of the poultry industry.

Since 1971, Ralco has been committed to connecting poultry producers’ challenges and end consumers’ needs with efficient poultry production. With over 17 patents in natural approaches like essential oils, prebiotics and microbial processes, Ralco’s health and nutrition products are designed to optimize poultry performance, reduce health challenges and minimize antibiotic use.

Ralco CEO Brian Knochenmus expressed his excitement for Alea and Micah joining the team. “We are excited to welcome Alea and Micah to Ralco,” Knochenmus said. “Their passion, expertise and commitment to service make them a perfect fit for our company and our customers. We look forward to working with them both as we continue to develop and provide industry-leading poultry solutions.”

Belflowers grew up in Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina, a small town of 300 people that is known for its National Hollerin’ Contest. She now resides in Clarksville, Tennessee near the Kentucky border. Her passions include the outdoors, plants and weightlifting.

Osburn, hailing from Deer Park, Texas, also known as “The Birthplace of Texas,” now lives in Sommerville, Texas. He enjoys hunting and growing his cow/calf operation with his family.

About Ralco

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Alea Belflowers

Photo: Alea Belflowers

Micah Osburn

Photo: Micah Osburn


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