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Save up to $8 per pig on feed costs with Ralco’s EnMAX® Nutrition! These lower-cost diets are proven to offer improved feed efficiency while boosting your bottom line. Schedule a FREE diet review today to experience the savings.

Feed Costs Are Out of Control

In today’s challenging swine production landscape, it’s crucial to find effective ways to save on costs without compromising animal health or performance. For the last 20 years, EnMAX diets have helped producers save money. Recent diet comparisons have shown savings of up to $8 per pig on feed costs, putting operations on the path to increased profitability.

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How You Can Save with EnMAX

EnMAX diets are formulated with Ralco’s proprietary diet approach. Using Net Energy, EnMAX accurately gauges the true energy available in feed ingredients. These diets cut back on waste and reduce the use of high-cost ingredients like soybean meal while delivering increased energy for production.

Key Benefits of EnMAX Nutrition:

  • Microfused® Essential Oils Technology
    Microfused Essential Oil technology transforms essential oils and plant extracts into solutions that naturally improve the health and immunity of animals. This essential oil technology helps serve as a natural alternative to antibiotic growth promoters, giving producers more tools to fight disease challenges.
  • Actifibe® Prebiotic
    Actifibe Prebiotic preferentially feeds beneficial bacteria throughout the entire gut and enhances the immune system of animals. This results in animals with greater gut health, improved feed efficiency and weight gain, strenghtened immunity and less health challenges.
  • Microbial Catalyst® Technology
    In ruminants, Microbial Catalyst helps improve nutrient conversion by increasing fiber digestibility to provide more energy for production and growth. In the soil, Microbial Catalyst helps make nutrients in the soil and fertilizer more available to the plant. This results in healthier crops that use less inputs.

Why Producers Love EnMAX

In a study of 6,000 pigs, those fed EnMAX showed better results with lower quantities of soybean meal and fat. The EnMAX-fed pigs demonstrated higher efficiency with less water consumption, increased average daily gain and reduced mortality for a significant economic advantage to the producer.

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EnMax Results chart
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  1. Get a FREE, no-obligation confidential diet review from a Ralco swine nutritionist.

  2. Receive sample custom diets showing how much money EnMAX can save you per pig.

  3. Enhance your bottom line with healthier, more productive pigs.

How to Get Started

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PLUS, receive a free cooler as a thank you for reviewing diets with us!

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Don’t let high feed costs and low hog prices undermine your swine operation’s profitability. Take advantage of EnMAX diets today to see how you can start saving dollars when it counts most.


Nutritionists are available for a free, confidential review of your existing diets and will provide sample diets showing how EnMAX can save you money while increasing productivity.

Operation Focus:

Cooler offer available to qualified commercial producers that share existing diets and review Ralco diet comparison with Ralco nutritionist. Limit one cooler per operation. By submitting this form you accept our terms & conditions and agree to our privacy policy.

Cost of Loss Calculator

We know high mortality rates, poor feed efficiency and health challenges can eat away at profits. But what does it cost with today’s feed prices? Try our FREE calculator below to see how small improvements in your finisher can have a major impact on your bottom line.

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For more than 52 years, Ralco has developed natural products that help swine producers overcome challenges and achieve more predictable and profitable production. Our science driven products are backed by 16 patents and serve thousands of producers in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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