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Ralco Launches Fight Strong® for Cattle

Ralco announced today that it has launched a new product, Fight Strong® for Cattle, a natural feed additive for cattle that promotes intake and immunity to help overcome production stress. The product does not require a veterinary feed directive (VFD) because it is formulated with patent-pending natural Strong Animals® technologies.

Fight Strong® for Cattle

Fight Strong for Cattle was developed to help reduce production stress from transportation or handling, poor appetite or a suppressed immune system. The easy-to-use product is typically fed for 28 days and is available as a pellet or as a concentrate for further manufacturing. Ralco Beef Technical Lead Dennis Dieterich said the patented and patent-pending technologies available in Fight Strong for Cattle provide producers with an effective natural product that drives performance during times of stress.

“Ralco is a science and technology company that provides customers with options they can’t find anywhere else. The combined technologies in Fight Strong for Cattle create a revolutionary product that promotes a balanced gut microflora, stimulates rumen function, feeds beneficial bacteria and promotes appetite. We know how important and difficult it can be to get stressed cattle on feed, which is why it takes multiple technologies, like those found in Fight Strong for Cattle, working at every level to keep animals strong and productive,” Dieterich said.

Fight Strong for Cattle is formulated with exclusive Microfused® Essential Oils, Actifibe® Prebiotic, and Microbial Catalyst® technologies. The product also contains yucca schidigera and IntegraMOS® to promote digestion.

“As the deadline for VFDs approaches, we knew that we had to provide the industry with a natural alternative. Every producer knows that getting and keeping stressed cattle on feed is a difficult task, and we have developed a product that gets the job done and does not require a VFD. This provides farmers and ranchers with an effective tool they can utilize quickly and easily,” Dieterich said.

About Ralco

Ralco is a third-generation, family-owned multinational company with distribution in more than 20 countries. Ralco supports large segments of the livestock, poultry, aquaculture and crop industries as a leading global provider of livestock nutrition, animal health products and crop enhancement products. Learn more at


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