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Ralco has been an innovator and pioneer in the use of essential oils and plant extracts in the livestock industry for more than 20 years. This investment in research has resulted in numerous patents and provides producers with products that deliver consistent results.

Today more than ever, producers are seeking natural alternatives to antibiotic growth promoters and they need tools that are effective.

lab test tubs

Many people think of essential oils only for their natural antimicrobial properties. Unfortunately, this is a very narrow view which can result in poor performance and inconsistent results. In some cases, this approach can actually damage the gut of an animal as essential oils can not only inhibit pathogens but can harm beneficial bacteria as well.

Ralco essential oils take a different approach through the lens of nutrient conversion.

Ralco Essential Oils Approach

  • Inhibits pathogens and establishes a balanced microflora

  • Increases beneficial bacteria in the gut

  • Protects the gut wall, cells and tissue

  • Enhances nutrient conversion

  • Strengthens immune response

Typical Essential Oils Approach

  • Inhibits pathogens

  • Inhibits beneficial bacteria


We frequently hear from producers, "We've tried essential oils in the past and they didn't work," or, "Essential oils worked the first time, but didn't work the next time." Ralco's essential oils and plant extracts are widely recognized as the most consistent, trusted and effective products in the industry. 

There are three areas that make Ralco a leader in this space:
  • Essential oils require research. In the last 20 years, Ralco has conducted countless studies with universities, third-party facilities and commercial trials worldwide to ensure consistent performance.

  • Essential oils are more than antimicrobial. Ralco unlocks properties beyond antimicrobial by precision formulating over 70 plant extracts, essential oils and prebiotics. Each year we conduct extensive research to further understand and optimize their properties.

  • Essential oils require delicate formulation. Ralco's patent-pending formulation approach called NEXUS™ makes it possible, for the first time ever, to match up the correct levels and combinations of essential oil and plant extract properties to overcome a particular producer challenge.

  • The result: Ralco has several patents and patents-pending on essential oils and plant extracts and their use.

essential oil in lab beakers and test tubs
  • Essential oils are volatile. Over the years, we learned that essential oils can be unstable and make inconsistent contact without the proper delivery system. This is why we invented the patented Microfused® process that transforms essential oils into microscopic droplets through the use of a special emulsifier.

  • The Microfused® process creates 100 times more droplets with 20 times greater surface area. This significantly increases contact and reduces surface tension since the droplets are 5 microns in size or smaller.

  • The result: Products are more palatable, stable and consistent in performance.

Microfused Essential Oil Droplets have more surface area
  • Essential oils are derived from plants. Just like any crop, there's natural variability in quality based on growing seasons, geography, growing conditions, methods, etc. This can lead to great variability in product performance.

  • This is why we contract and control our supply. We work in the field with carefully selected growers that are exclusive to Ralco to ensure consistent essential oils that perform every time.

  • The result: Ralco's essential oil products are accurate and consistent. With strict specifications for every essential oil component, Ralco actively rejects any material that is outside of our specifications.

Jon Knochenmus, stands with growers in one of Ralco's exclusively contracted fields.

President Emeritus, Jon Knochenmus, stands with growers in one of Ralco's exclusively contracted fields.



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