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$3 Million Investment to our Facilities

In late February, Ralco began work on a $3 million renovation to improve the quality, efficiency and productivity of the main plant facility on Hahn Road. Ralco left no stone unturned inside the facility with a complete floor to ceiling remodel from the old production system originally built in 1974. The investment provides expanded production capacity, precision mixing capabilities and enhanced packaging equipment.

“The culmination of our mission really resides well in this plant project. We push to perfect technologies every day. We are bringing new innovation and technology to our production facility in a way that improves accuracy, improves efficiency and improves the overall quality of our products,” said Ralco President Brian Knochenmus.

On October 1 production began in the state-of-the-art facility. The upgrades included multiple ingredient bins that directly mix into a fully rounded stainless steel bin with a sophisticated paddle mixer that ensures product does not get caught up or carried between batches.

Consistent and precise measuring was also a key focus of the plant upgrades. Highly accurate scales and sensors track the most minute change in weights to ensure that every product is mixed exactly as intended time and time again. Product is also weighed before and after bagging. A vibrating belt flattens the bags evenly before reaching an automated arm that picks up each bag and stacks it tightly on pallets before wrapping.

The upgrades will also allow Ralco to vacate a current manufacturing facility located on 8th Street in Marshall. Partial ownership of the facility transferred to the city of Marshall on June 1. Ralco will continue some of its manufacturing at the location as complete ownership of the facility will be assumed by the city during the next two years. Learn more at


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