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Ralco Expands Poultry Line with Essential Dry™ XP Litter Treatment

Ralco has announced the expansion of their poultry line with Essential Dry XP, a litter treatment for targeted ammonia control. Essential Dry XP contains diatomaceous earth (DE), yucca schidigera and patented essential oils and is OMRI Listed® for organic production.

“A key factor in developing Essential Dry XP was the industry need for a better, cost-effective way to manage ammonia levels from litter,” said Dr. Tim Broderick, poultry research & development manager for Ralco. “The unique formulation of Essential Dry XP allows us to reduce ammonia using multiple modes of action.”

Ammonia is one of the most harmful gases released from poultry litter. As chickens excrete nitrogen in their feces in the form of urea or uric acid, it mixes with moisture, bacteria and heat causing the release of ammonia.

Research shows Essential Dry XP is able to reduce ammonia volatilization in poultry litter. Experiments were conducted to evaluate the release of ammonia from litter and showed Essential Dry XP was able to continuously reduce the rate of ammonia release by over 30%. In chicken houses, independent research demonstrated this combination of active ingredients reduced ammonia levels from 17.5 ppm to 2.5 ppm

Prolonged exposure of ammonia levels at 10-25 ppm can impair the health of both people and poultry. Even at low levels of 5-15 ppm, ammonia can reduce flock performance, impair immune function, increase risk of respiratory disease and result in more condemnations at processing.

“Essential Dry XP helps control ammonia in three unique ways,” said Richard Lamb, biochemical engineer for Ralco. Yucca schidigera helps bind ammonia and can interfere with urea activity. DE helps neutralize ammonia, absorb moisture, bind mold and acts as a natural insect repellent. Essential oils help reduce pathogens which convert urea to ammonia using powerful antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. “Combined, these components can manage ammonia and moisture for improved litter quality and bird performance,” said Lamb.

Essential Dry XP was also designed with the producer in mind,” said Dr. Broderick. “Some litter amendments require target humidity for product activation, gas off periods or can be corrosive. Essential Dry XP is formulated to avoid these application challenges.”

Apply Essential Dry XP at 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet of treated litter. For best results, apply using a drop spreader. Apply 3 days prior to placement or as needed. Essential Dry XP contains no corrosive elements.

Learn more about Essential Dry XP or contact your local Ralco representative.

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