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Ralco Introduces Anchor™ Silage Saver™, a Cost-Effective Inoculant for Improved Forage Preservation

Ralco Introduces Anchor™ Silage Saver™, a Cost-Effective Inoculant for Improved Forage Preservation

Ralco announced the launch of Anchor™ Silage Saver™ to their agronomy brand, Agnition. Silage Saver is an inoculant that leverages Ralco’s patented Microbial Catalyst® to reduce pH levels in forages and preserve essential nutrients for dairy and livestock farmers while helping improve their bottom line.

Silage Saver helps drive fermentation, delivering improved preservation and feed quality. The inoculant contains a starter microbial blend to kickstart fermentation while Microbial Catalyst stimulates native microbes to rapidly drop pH levels for a faster fermentation process. This results in improved palatability, better digestibility and higher energy content in feed, helping drive milk production and animal health for dairy producers.

Silage Saver provides an innovative solution to help producers save money and increase profitability without compromising forage quality,” said Mike Holmberg, Agnition Brand Manager. “Our extensive research allowed us to create a product that’s effective and budget-friendly, providing a 45% savings compared to our current product line.”

Silage Saver is easy to use, doesn’t require refrigeration and mixes easily when added to application tanks. Silage Saver also provides incredible value by providing the most crucial requirements for forage preservation and quality without the cost associated with more premium components.

“Silage is a critical component of dairy and feedlot operations and plays a central role in ensuring animal health and efficiency on a farm,” said Holmberg. “We believe that Silage Saver meets these farmers’ needs, all while delivering incredible value for the money.”

For more information on Silage Saver, contact your Ralco or Agnition representative or visit

Silage Saver was also featured in Farm Progress' "What's New From the Shows" roundup, as a revolutionary product designed to simplfiy feeding livestock.

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