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Strong Animals Launches a New Line of Essential Oil Products for Backyard Chickens

Strong Animals Launches a New Line of Essential Oil Products for Backyard Chickens

Strong Animals, a brand of Ralco announced today that it has launched a new line of natural plant-based products designed to enhance the overall health of backyard chicken flocks. The products contain organic essential oils, prebiotics and other natural ingredients to support the immune system and digestive health of chicks and chickens. The new products include: the Baby Chick Care Kit, Chicken E-lixir™, Flock Fixer™ and Coop Recuperate™.

Keeping backyard chickens has long been a way to provide fresh eggs. In recent years, this practice has emerged in suburban and urban markets as a trendy, eco-conscious contribution to local food and sustainability. More than 1.2 million U.S. households raise chickens and the USDA estimates that by the end of 2019, urban chicken flocks will increase by 400%. More than 93% of U.S. cities allow raising backyard chickens with more cities adopting ordinances to allow it each year.

“Backyard chicken owners will say they get started for the eggs, but that is usually not the only reason. Eggs are an entry point into opening a new way of life,” according to Dr. Bob Stock, Ralco’s Director of Research and Development for Poultry Science. “Raising chickens enables being environmentally conscious and creating their own eco-system circle of life. Chickens provide eggs, owner’s give chickens table scraps and they use chicken litter to compost their gardens. Less waste in and out is a priority for them,” said Dr. Stock.

“Knowing what their chickens are eating and drinking and how they are being raised is a motivation for having a backyard flock. These chickens quickly become family pets and they want to care for their health and well being using natural products,” said Dr. Stock.

For decades, Strong Animals has used plant-based products and natural approaches to promote the health and vitality of chickens. “With the emergence of the growing trend to raise chickens in your own backyard, we knew our products were aligned with the desires of chicken owners,” said Dr. Stock.

The Baby Chick Care Kit is the easy and natural way to get your baby chicks off to the best start. The kit includes: First Peep™, a non-medicated feed supplement that naturally supports digestive health in baby chicks the first few weeks of life. First Peep gets baby chicks eating and includes kelp, organic oregano essential oil and prebiotics. Chick E-lixir™ added to the drinking water is a natural approach to keeping chicks healthy by supporting developing immune systems and promoting bone growth. For everyday use, it contains a unique blend of organic oregano essential oil, prebiotics, calcium, vitamins D & E and electrolytes. Coop Recuperate™ is the safe and natural way to care for your coop. Organic eucalyptus and lemongrass essential oils along with diatomaceous earth reduce ammonia odor levels which can be harmful to chickens and help improve the quality of your compost. The kit also includes a Baby Chick Success Guide, a step-by-step guide to help get started on the path to raising happy, healthy chickens.

“You can’t always see it, but chickens experience a weakened immune system during times of challenge. Adding birds to the flock, moving the flock, cleaning the coop and drastic weather changes can weaken the chicken’s immunity and make them susceptible to disease,’” said Dr. Stock. Flock Fixer™ is a vitamin rich additive that includes electrolytes, prebiotics and probiotics and organic oregano essential oils to hydrate, restore vital nutrients and help support immunity when challenges occur. “This can often make the difference between chickens getting a disease or not,” said Dr. Stock.

Strong Animals offers Coop Recuperate and Chicken E-lixir™ individually in larger sizes as the chicken’s grow and develop.

These products are available on Amazon, Chewy and local farm and ranch supply stores. To watch our video series on raising backyard chickens, visit or our YouTube Channel at Strong Animals Chicken Essentials.

About Strong Animals Strong Animals is a brand of Ralco, a third-generation, family-owned multinational company with distribution in more than 20 countries. Ralco is a leading global supplier of natural products for livestock nutrition, animal health and crop enhancement that support large segments of the livestock, poultry, aquaculture and crop production industries. Learn more at


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