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Vitalix Launches Equine Lick Tub with Ralco Technologies

Vitalix Launches Equine Lick Tub with Ralco Technologies

Vitalix announced today that they have launched a new equine lick tub, Equine DEveloper, that promotes immunity and overall health of all classes of horses. The product is formulated with patented natural Ralco technologies and does not require a veterinary feed directive (VFD).

Equine DEveloper was created to enhance growth and muscle development, while promoting skin and hoof health as well as immunity. Vitalix is a molasses-based supplement that is precisely cooked for controlled consumption. Carefully blended formulas of natural proteins, vegetable fat, minerals, vitamins and proprietary enzyme package maximize health and performance. Equine DEveloper is also fortified with exclusive Ralco Microfused® Essential Oils and Actifibe® Prebiotic technologies.

“Horse owners are very interested in the Ralco technologies included in the Equine DEveloper lick tub. They are really interested in the essential oil part of the product because of the new VFD regulations. They are looking for ways to naturally promote animal health and Microfused Essentail Oils is a proven technology that provides the results they have been searching for,” said Crystal Nelson from Vitalix.

Strong Animals patented Microfused Essential Oils in Equine DEveloper, has 20 times greater surface area than competitive materials which increases its effectiveness. Exclusive Actifibe Prebiotic technology feeds beneficial bacteria in the gut to promote immunity. Equine DEveloper is the only equine lick tub that contains the all-natural technologies.

“As the deadline for VFDs approaches, we knew that we needed to provide our customers with a natural product formulated with powerful technologies that promote immunity and the overall health of their horses. We found those technologies at Strong Animals and including them in our tub has provided our customers with an unmatched advantage they can’t find anywhere else,” Nelson said.

Vitalix is a family owned manufacturer of high quality natural feed supplement for cattle, equine, sheep and goats. Vitalix has knowledgeable sales representatives and dealers throughout the United States and Canada.

About Ralco

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